I’m not a pigeon, but I have a message!

Hello tree,

     Wherever you are, I hope you are at peace. Maybe some of your remains now exist in the form of pages in thousands of books. Or maybe they used you for something else. But in whichever way, I really hope you are at peace.
      I never thought I would ever come back here since our last goodbye. Dear friend, today I miss you more than the other days. I still remember when I was so little, I could hardly even open my eyes. You made sure your leaves protected too much sunlight from entering our nest. I remember my mother thanking you each time you watched over me and my brother while she went on a food hunt.
She thanked you for giving us a small space on your branch. You protected us from hawks and owls. I remember I learnt my first flying lesson where I hopped with my tiny wings from one of your branches to another. You looked so happy. You encouraged me and said, “now go on.. You have to fly to my other siblings, when you do so, give them my regards”.

      I was so happy I could fly better. I’d tell all your other friends and family how well you protected me and help me grow. Time passed by and I grew to look as beautiful as my mother. One day, I came to you and asked, “would you let us build a nest on you? Just like you let my mother and father?” You recognized me at an instant and without hesitation said, “yes please!”
      Half the nest was done when you started shaking. There was a loud sound and we couldn’t take it. No, it wasn’t an earthquake. My husband and I flew away from you and watched from a distance. You were being cut by something so huge and noisy. We were so frightened but I gathered courage and flew back. “What is happening to you?”, I cried.
You answered very calmly, “I will not be standing here anymore. This is the end if me. You go, look for someone else and build a new nest. I’m sorry”.

          I looked at you go away and I couldn’t do a thing. But like you said, we did find another of your kind after days of flying. Today, None of your siblings are around anymore. I sent my children far away so they can find them. Our species has nowhere to live. Not unless we fly really far. I’m too old for that now. The houses don’t even have roofs anymore, so we could live there instead. It has all changed my friend.
Here I am looking down from a big cement block, which is standing where you once stood. In front of me, many such blocks and not a single kind of you. I miss you friend. Hoping that maybe one day, you’ll grow again, if only by then I’m still alive.



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Who says you are ugly?

There are millions of blogs posts/songs/articles out there that tell you to love yourself etc. But does it really make a difference? Well I do get motivated for minutes but then I’m back to square one. You think you’re like me? Sit back, read on.

We came into this world not knowing how our bodies looked, did we? Were you a day old and thought, “damn, why do I look so small? Why are my fingers so small that I can’t catch a thing?” Silly right? But we didn’t. Our brains didn’t work that way back in those days. We laid back and took all that pampering cause everyone loved us anyway.

When I was a toddler, the big world of humans loved me! I was adorable and chubby. Then when I started schooling I began to look like a stick. Can you believe a 3 year old balloon suddenly starting to look like It’s string at 8? But that’s what happened. I’m sure most of us can relate as well.

Later in life. Bamm! Puberty hits and I start bloating up like a balloon (that’s what people say) again. *Blame the hormones*
Guess what? All the pampering disappeared. Nobody found me adorable anymore. The exact same people who pulled my cheeks as a baby made me feel so horrible about myself.

It bothered me.. for a long time it did. I’d feel ugly and I’d starve myself to bed at times.
I realised, that no matter what I’d do I’d be this way. So be it!
I decided not to hear to what the blabbering mouths have to say. Infact, I’ll turn back to them and say, “its my body, I nurture it the way I want to and I love me anyway”

What  gave me the courage to ignore the harsh talks of people around me? Well, a few other people gave me that courage. The few who loved me for whom I am on the inside. They believed in my talents and actions. Never judged by the book cover.

If you still deal with ‘ body dysmorphic disorder’ – a term used for hating your own appearance, all you need to do is look out for people who love you for the real you.
Believe in yourself and believe that there are things more important than being worried about what others think of you. If it gets too hard, just understand that it’s all the genes so don’t blame yourself.
Even then if you do get bothered at all and feel like changing for good, work out!

Final thoughts ; And this goes out to all the body types.


Your body is a cocoon.
It might be soft, it might be rough
It might be big, it might be small.
A cocoon in which you grow,
Grow to be beautiful inside, like a butterfly waiting to touch the sky.
Break the cocoon, its just a barrier between you and your true self.
Break this barrier and you’ll see how vibrant you are for yourself!
Ultimately what matters is your soul with which you are blessed.
Love your body nevertheless!

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Run away mode

Question: How often do you take a vacation?

I’m in a phase where everything right now is extremely monotonous. I do the same things, exactly the same things every single day. And it’s exhausting. No, I’m not working. I’m on a vacation, an absolute fancy one at home *sarcasm*. You read it right. The one big (probably my last)  holiday turned out to be such a flop. Yet, doing nothing has become so exhausting.

Time flies, it really does. I feel like it was yesterday when I was appearing for my last test in semester 3 of Masters in Business Administration, And yayy I’m gonna freak out, have fun for the next few weeks. But those weeks past by like turning pages of a tiny book.
God knows, I’m still here craving for a little break from monotony. 

All I need is a beach, a good book and a beer and I’m good to go. Few peaceful hours to myself.


We all deal with loneliness at some point in life. But this isn’t that kinda feeling. My need for solitude simply means cutting off from the world on temporary basis. Getting away from the traffic and pollution. Staying away from the human touch and just breathing an air of complete silence and bliss and returning back to reality after my mind and heart think they are ready.

Well, I have no idea when this day might rise, but when it does, I know I’ll be carrying back a little different me. I would have learnt something I couldn’t have living in this crowd and chaos. Maybe someday.

Hope and faith. The two things that will keep me going till I’m lying beneath the sun, with feet touching the water.

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Symphony and moods

Just a day or two before I was born, my father had a dream in which he heard the sweet sound of the ‘Tanpura’ and a woman singing along with it. He knew it was a sign. So, when I was born he knew, just knew that I would be a good singer. ( not boasting ) I am a good singer. I remember performing on stage when I was 7 and since then I do perform even today, as and when opportunities arise.

Music always has played a very important role in my life. As important as Oxygen. I’m sure it is to most of us. For me, music is omnipresent. Our own heart has a beat. The swaying of trees, the birds singing, the rain, the wall clock. It’s all music.


I just need one note and there I go, singing away to glory.
As for women, the biggest problem we often face is,  ‘mood swings’. Men? I guess they struggle with mood swings too.

Let’s just start with the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Those of you who know the song will instantly smile after reading the name. Most of you might even start humming it in your heads.

What is it that you were thinking about before you clicked on this blog?
Too much work that is pending?
A recent Heartbreak?
Missing your loved one?
So jobless that you literally have no idea what to do with life?
Or A”I feel awesome today” ?
Whatever it may be, the song I mentioned above, might have done its bit to change that mood for a while. And trust me, music definitely helps lighten up our mood.

It’s like therapy. It’s said that, even when you sing while watering the plants in your backyard, the plants grow faster and healthier. So you see? Music helps ecology too.

Most of us have a busy schedule.
We fail to pursue our hobbies. We fail to follow our hearts and do what we always wanted to do. And then life becomes stressful.
Sometimes we don’t realise how stressed out we are.

Not like my life is great and stress free, but when I sing or listen to my favorite tunes, I’m rejuvenated. Ready to face the next stressful hour.
My whole point being, take time out. Atleast an hour to sing out loud or listen to good music. If you already do that, awesome! If you don’t, your mind needs these symphonies to keep you calm and happy. Your mind needs the seven notes to sooth your nerves. Let your favorite genres flow through your blood.
Because, “Music is a better medicine than any other drug.”


The Lost Rainbow


I have a memory, a rather old, withered but still strong enough for the impact it creates in my mind.
It might be strange, but here it is. I was little, almost 6. Jumping and laughing around with friends. The next moment we found ourselves running inside the building cause it started pouring. But thank the rain gods, it lasted a good few minutes and we were out again. That was when somebody shouted with glee and began to run up the stairs, we all ran up too holding the excitement within. While almost reaching the last few steps to the door of the terrace I heard a voice, “It’s a Rainbow!” and I remember that I stopped right after listening to that. I was excited, I had never seen a rainbow before. Well it had just been 2 years since I even learnt how to say the word rainbow properly. I began to think, in those few fraction of seconds I had, Huge, multiple waves of thoughts started hitting the brain. “How big will it be? Will it be too close? Will seeing the colours hurt my eyes?” I want to see it, but what if seeing it brings bad luck or something?. I couldn’t stop thinking. Why? I was scared. My friends pulled me through the door, out in the open and all I did was scream and shout and shut my eyes tight. I just couldn’t face this.
Iridophobia is what they say is fear of rainbows. My friends held my hands, “Open your eyes! Its going to fade away quickly”, they said almost in unison, screaming right into my ears. But I didn’t, I couldn’t.
At last when I heard multiple sighs, I gathered courage and looked with squinted eyes. I couldn’t see anything. So very slowly I opened them wide, And there it was, a blue sky with grey and white clouds and NO RAINBOW! “Where is it?” I asked. “It’s gone, honey. You missed it” said a friend, a bit older to me.
“You missed it” The three words still so clear somewhere in the back of my head. Had I seen it, It would have been the first ever rainbow of my life! I would have seen it spread it’s stroke of VIBGYOR all over. But I missed it.
I Keep wondering whenever I think about this incident. Why was I scared? It was just a rainbow. I never even shared this with anybody in person. Was too ashamed to.
But When I think about it now, I only know what it taught me. Opportunity. Everyone knows that a moment once lost will never come back. Well, Opportunity knocks twice if you’re lucky. And what is Luck? Your ability to identify this opportunity.
Never Let a moment pass. No matter what it is. Breathe in like its your last breath to live for. Watch the sun rise and sun set. Look out for moments which put a wide smile on your face. Look out for moments by which you can put a smile on others’ face. The world is beautiful when its happy.
Live each happy moment. Cause that is an opportunity for your heart to feel lighter. That is your moment of seeing the rainbow with its entire glow within your own self.
I didn’t get another chance to see a rainbow ever again even after 17 years have passed. But I never stop looking. After all, when the rains of sorrow in life go away, there is always hope for a rainbow that fills us with colours and new light.

Photo credits – Parag Vyas