Symphony and moods

Just a day or two before I was born, my father had a dream in which he heard the sweet sound of the ‘Tanpura’ and a woman singing along with it. He knew it was a sign. So, when I was born he knew, just knew that I would be a good singer. ( not boasting ) I am a good singer. I remember performing on stage when I was 7 and since then I do perform even today, as and when opportunities arise.

Music always has played a very important role in my life. As important as Oxygen. I’m sure it is to most of us. For me, music is omnipresent. Our own heart has a beat. The swaying of trees, the birds singing, the rain, the wall clock. It’s all music.


I just need one note and there I go, singing away to glory.
As for women, the biggest problem we often face is,  ‘mood swings’. Men? I guess they struggle with mood swings too.

Let’s just start with the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Those of you who know the song will instantly smile after reading the name. Most of you might even start humming it in your heads.

What is it that you were thinking about before you clicked on this blog?
Too much work that is pending?
A recent Heartbreak?
Missing your loved one?
So jobless that you literally have no idea what to do with life?
Or A”I feel awesome today” ?
Whatever it may be, the song I mentioned above, might have done its bit to change that mood for a while. And trust me, music definitely helps lighten up our mood.

It’s like therapy. It’s said that, even when you sing while watering the plants in your backyard, the plants grow faster and healthier. So you see? Music helps ecology too.

Most of us have a busy schedule.
We fail to pursue our hobbies. We fail to follow our hearts and do what we always wanted to do. And then life becomes stressful.
Sometimes we don’t realise how stressed out we are.

Not like my life is great and stress free, but when I sing or listen to my favorite tunes, I’m rejuvenated. Ready to face the next stressful hour.
My whole point being, take time out. Atleast an hour to sing out loud or listen to good music. If you already do that, awesome! If you don’t, your mind needs these symphonies to keep you calm and happy. Your mind needs the seven notes to sooth your nerves. Let your favorite genres flow through your blood.
Because, “Music is a better medicine than any other drug.”


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