Run away mode

Question: How often do you take a vacation?

I’m in a phase where everything right now is extremely monotonous. I do the same things, exactly the same things every single day. And it’s exhausting. No, I’m not working. I’m on a vacation, an absolute fancy one at home *sarcasm*. You read it right. The one big (probably my last)  holiday turned out to be such a flop. Yet, doing nothing has become so exhausting.

Time flies, it really does. I feel like it was yesterday when I was appearing for my last test in semester 3 of Masters in Business Administration, And yayy I’m gonna freak out, have fun for the next few weeks. But those weeks past by like turning pages of a tiny book.
God knows, I’m still here craving for a little break from monotony. 

All I need is a beach, a good book and a beer and I’m good to go. Few peaceful hours to myself.


We all deal with loneliness at some point in life. But this isn’t that kinda feeling. My need for solitude simply means cutting off from the world on temporary basis. Getting away from the traffic and pollution. Staying away from the human touch and just breathing an air of complete silence and bliss and returning back to reality after my mind and heart think they are ready.

Well, I have no idea when this day might rise, but when it does, I know I’ll be carrying back a little different me. I would have learnt something I couldn’t have living in this crowd and chaos. Maybe someday.

Hope and faith. The two things that will keep me going till I’m lying beneath the sun, with feet touching the water.

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