Let your confusions meet confessions

Have you ever looked at a toddler and thought, ‘do your thing now kiddo, you have no idea what’s coming’
Cause you know that a life till four is the best. There are tears, but only when you don’t get sweets and favorite toys.

It might be merry even after you just enter school. The three stars in the notebook made you feel like you’re already floating in space, unless, of course, you were a very naughty child standing outside the classroom forever, wondering why everyone else is dressed in astronaut suits.

As you slowly grow up, grade by grade you realise that this life isn’t about having fun like a toddler anymore. It’s about MARKS and PERCENTAGE! 
“Beta, iss baar Chintu se acche marks Lana!”
—— translation: you better score higher marks than your friend this time ——–
Said every parent, the name varied. 
So basically, even if you hated the subject or hated studying like most kids, you’d have to slog through nights, deal with those ugly looking tuition teachers and get higher marks than Chintu.

This didn’t stop till the parents finally realised that their kid isn’t extra ordinary. That’s when they finally settled with, “no problem dear, just compete with yourself and get a distinction in finals” 
You get done with school managing a distinction. Sometimes score even more than what you expected and happiness knocks your door. Life says, “Wait for a year to pass, you’ll be back on ground, maybe underground too”


This is exactly the age where it all begins. Parents get emotional and say things like, “it was my dream to become a doctor, I couldn’t but you make it come true”
“I couldn’t invest  10 years of my life studying but I’ll let you do it even if you wanna want to do something else.”

Career is important and this is exactly when you decide how would you give your parents the ‘peheli tankha’. The nerdy people always knew, so you can might as well stop reading right now. But if you were or are one of those confused minds deciding between engineering and drama school, then you should know that you aren’t the only one. There are millions who go through this phase.

There are so many options out there. But you gotta choose from what your parents give you and what you want for yourself. There are thousands who do not know what they want for themselves too. And then, there are days when you just wanna stay in bed, not go to work, but you push yourself cause you have to make money for a living.

Utter confusion. Fighting with the brain, trying to understand what it’s really made for. Maybe after all the brain is meant for confusing you, cause it is so complicated in itself. It looks like a wire mesh with fifty wires intertwined together.

But there is something to note. Each one of us is made to do something or the other and that is exactly what you need to figure. 
You know where your passion lies and its never late to follow your own dreams. Go ahead do your thing! It’s your life afterall and you know how to make it happier. End these confusions. Confess to yourself and everyone around you. And yes, stop scaring the toddlers already.

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