Stay Cool this Summer!

Summer has almost began. The temperature reaches over 40 degree Celsius on few days and this is just the beginning.  This is exactly when we start getting frustrated, curse the heat and forget that this is just for few months. I do the same too. We are well aware of how the sun soaks up all our energy, water through our bodies (and also patience) Summer=Perspiration therefore, we should learn how to keep ourselves sufficiently hydrated.

I have Listed down few drinks and foods you can consume while the sun shines above.

  1. H2O

The most important component ever! Most of the people who know me well enough are probably gonna have a good laugh that I am advising readers to drink water, no, PLENTY of water cause I consume less myself. But hey! I learned my lessons and pledged to drink up lots and lots of water. According to medical research, It is necessary to intake 3 liters of water – Men and 2.2 liters – woman.

2. Lemon water/Coconut water

Either or both, as per your liking. One of my professor suggested this – A glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it along with a spoon of honey, consumed every morning does wonders. This will help in maintaining vitamin C, which is effective for keeping the immunity strong and water levels in place. Coconut water has lots of benefits, it gives energy as there is lots of sugar present and helps regulating body temperature. It will also keep your skin glowing.

3. Cucumber/ Water melon

Regular intakes of cucumber and/or water melon is perfect during summers. They are  made of water and lots of nutrients to keep the body well nourished. Other than these any fruit of choice with high level of water content like apples, sweet limes, oranges, pineapples, etc can be dumped right inside the stomach. If you like, make a nice fruit salad out of these as dessert, YUM.

4. Chocolate shakes

Get rid of that craving and drink on. Chocolates have a number of benefits. Though it does increase calories, a little glass of chocolate shake once a while should do no harm.

5. Smoothie

This isn’t a normal yum sweet smoothie but a vegetable smoothie. For this you need – basil, mint, spinach, curry leaves, Betel leaves. Grind these together and make it thick like we have for shakes or juices by adding. Add black pepper, salt and mix. Refrigerate or add ice and drink a glass alternate days. This is really effective even it doesn’t sound like that.

Other than all of the above we have ice cream! but that does not really help regulating body temperature, it is just a perk of summer.

Go ahead and try these tips and suggest me if you got anything on your side by commenting.

Have a healthy and happy summer. Cheers!

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Being the ‘other’ kind of festive

India, a country of diversity, colours, cultures and so much more ( negatives included ) It is exactly a week from now when the country and all its people will be set to “Welcome spring” – that’s what they say.

Holi, one of the most important festival all over the nation. The festival is so loved that people belonging to all age groups merrily participate in the celebrations. Infact, every new year begins with this grand festive revelry ( cause it also includes loads of Bhang ) Not only Indians but also visitors coming down to India celebrate with great fun.

All the colours and grandeur to one side, Lets flip the coin.

In 2015, the country received lowest rainfall since 2009. 2002 and 2009 were the two drought hit years for the country, entering 2015 being the third lowest, which was last year.

Many of the cities today are under low supply of water. Specially areas in Maharashtra, The state most of my readers would belong to. Switch to any news channel or turn your social networks on, they’ll all tell you why not to celebrate Holi this year.

Why should a festival be about throwing away colours and water at each other or burning a bunch of wood, hay and cow dung? I am not being offensive. I do respect the festival. But we are way ahead of our ancestors to think about it logically and think about what sense does all of that make in the name of celebrations?

Festivals can be much more. Holi can even more colourful if we all individually come up with different ways of celebrating it.

This isn’t about using ‘eco friendly’ colours, it is about saving a big amount of water that would be going to the drains. Even if you restrict the amount of colours you use, you would still be using extra liters of water to wash yourself up than the usual. So Instead, spend time by doing something that will not cost the environment, cause indirectly you will be affected by the trouble it will go through on this one day.

Happiness comes with the feeling of doing something for others.

Remember the line and find your ways to go crazy this Holi and spread smiles by executing small acts of goodwill across the country and universe as a whole.

A very happy Holi to all my readers!

P.S. I’m celebrating by planting two saplings in my tiny garden. Best way to welcome spring I guess.

Do spread the message and act wisely.

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Why so Glum, sugar plum?

The title is, in reality the question I’m asking myself these days.


I feel like I’ve lost interest in almost everything.
There’s lack of motivation too. Moreover to add to these two, there is immense loss of emotions.

I remember being in this phase quite a few times now. I’m not very sure if you’ve been through the same. But if you have, you know that you would not jump as reflex to somebody even pinching you right now. I know I won’t. All I wanna do is sit and stare. Stare at trees, stare at the television ( advertisements includes, I don’t even change the channel during commercials ) stare at the phone, stare at the watch and my most favorite, staring at the sky or ceiling and do absolutely nothing! Ugh.
Then I think, maybe it’s just boredom. Maybe not.

I’ve always loved being by my own. Sometimes I wish there weren’t too many to care for. But again, Having a human heart is tough.

I don’t know when I’ll get outta this whatever-you-wanna-call-it disease and feel like jumping around with enthusiasm. It could be tomorrow, could be next month. I’m just going to try and figure it out till then.

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Bookmarks – Find or Design

You love to read but you keep forgetting the page you stopped at before you fell off to sleep?
Well, that always happens to me. The best way to get rid of this problem, as we all know it, are bookmarks! You can practically use anything you like as bookmarks.

I have listed the things I used to make my bookmarks and it’s not difficult at all.
All you need is, scissors, glue stick, strings/ribbons, needle and threads.

Let’s begin with the things you may just find lying around the house.

1. Price tags


If you’re a shopaholic, you can save those price tags and use them for every book you might have. Another thing you can use – playing cards. Jokers or instruction cards can be borrowed from the pack.

2. Pen caps


This might be odd, but we do find orphaned pen caps lying here and there. Decorate or fix them however you like and you can use them as your bookmark too.


3. The least used neck piece


Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, each one of us tends to find the least used necklace or chain in our wardrobes. Fold it into your book opened or closed.
You can also use bracelets or metal straps of old wrist watches.

4. Peacock feather


If you find one, amazing! Else any other feather will do too. Cut it down at the size you like and you found yourself a beautiful bookmark. If the feather is too light you can attach it with anything you think that would make the balance right.


5. The delivery box


How many of us use these delivery boxes often? They are thrown away most of the times. Save a few to make bookmarks.
Cut out a rectangular piece from the flaps of the box. Wrap it up with any paper. I’ve used a plain white paper.



Paint it, colour it.  You’re a better artist than me.. Let your imagination flow!

6. Laces


Unused cloth laces if found, you can make really pretty bookmarks outta them. I found this and I wanted to put it to another use.

So, all you need to do is cut two pieces of the same size and stitch them up together with their back facing each other. Pierce a hole in between either of its ends and attach a string or ribbon.


7. Sequences and beads


You’re lucky if you find these lying in your house. Cause these look the prettiest.
Just arrange them into a thread however you like and the bookmark is good to go..


You can also use this as a key chain.


There are so many other things you can use. Greeting cards, business cards, key rings. Absolutely anything that comes to your mind!
Go on and make or find your own bookmarks and put those pieces of useless things to work.