Bookmarks – Find or Design

You love to read but you keep forgetting the page you stopped at before you fell off to sleep?
Well, that always happens to me. The best way to get rid of this problem, as we all know it, are bookmarks! You can practically use anything you like as bookmarks.

I have listed the things I used to make my bookmarks and it’s not difficult at all.
All you need is, scissors, glue stick, strings/ribbons, needle and threads.

Let’s begin with the things you may just find lying around the house.

1. Price tags


If you’re a shopaholic, you can save those price tags and use them for every book you might have. Another thing you can use – playing cards. Jokers or instruction cards can be borrowed from the pack.

2. Pen caps


This might be odd, but we do find orphaned pen caps lying here and there. Decorate or fix them however you like and you can use them as your bookmark too.


3. The least used neck piece


Doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, each one of us tends to find the least used necklace or chain in our wardrobes. Fold it into your book opened or closed.
You can also use bracelets or metal straps of old wrist watches.

4. Peacock feather


If you find one, amazing! Else any other feather will do too. Cut it down at the size you like and you found yourself a beautiful bookmark. If the feather is too light you can attach it with anything you think that would make the balance right.


5. The delivery box


How many of us use these delivery boxes often? They are thrown away most of the times. Save a few to make bookmarks.
Cut out a rectangular piece from the flaps of the box. Wrap it up with any paper. I’ve used a plain white paper.



Paint it, colour it.  You’re a better artist than me.. Let your imagination flow!

6. Laces


Unused cloth laces if found, you can make really pretty bookmarks outta them. I found this and I wanted to put it to another use.

So, all you need to do is cut two pieces of the same size and stitch them up together with their back facing each other. Pierce a hole in between either of its ends and attach a string or ribbon.


7. Sequences and beads


You’re lucky if you find these lying in your house. Cause these look the prettiest.
Just arrange them into a thread however you like and the bookmark is good to go..


You can also use this as a key chain.


There are so many other things you can use. Greeting cards, business cards, key rings. Absolutely anything that comes to your mind!
Go on and make or find your own bookmarks and put those pieces of useless things to work.


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