Why so Glum, sugar plum?

The title is, in reality the question I’m asking myself these days.


I feel like I’ve lost interest in almost everything.
There’s lack of motivation too. Moreover to add to these two, there is immense loss of emotions.

I remember being in this phase quite a few times now. I’m not very sure if you’ve been through the same. But if you have, you know that you would not jump as reflex to somebody even pinching you right now. I know I won’t. All I wanna do is sit and stare. Stare at trees, stare at the television ( advertisements includes, I don’t even change the channel during commercials ) stare at the phone, stare at the watch and my most favorite, staring at the sky or ceiling and do absolutely nothing! Ugh.
Then I think, maybe it’s just boredom. Maybe not.

I’ve always loved being by my own. Sometimes I wish there weren’t too many to care for. But again, Having a human heart is tough.

I don’t know when I’ll get outta this whatever-you-wanna-call-it disease and feel like jumping around with enthusiasm. It could be tomorrow, could be next month. I’m just going to try and figure it out till then.

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