Being the ‘other’ kind of festive

India, a country of diversity, colours, cultures and so much more ( negatives included ) It is exactly a week from now when the country and all its people will be set to “Welcome spring” – that’s what they say.

Holi, one of the most important festival all over the nation. The festival is so loved that people belonging to all age groups merrily participate in the celebrations. Infact, every new year begins with this grand festive revelry ( cause it also includes loads of Bhang ) Not only Indians but also visitors coming down to India celebrate with great fun.

All the colours and grandeur to one side, Lets flip the coin.

In 2015, the country received lowest rainfall since 2009. 2002 and 2009 were the two drought hit years for the country, entering 2015 being the third lowest, which was last year.

Many of the cities today are under low supply of water. Specially areas in Maharashtra, The state most of my readers would belong to. Switch to any news channel or turn your social networks on, they’ll all tell you why not to celebrate Holi this year.

Why should a festival be about throwing away colours and water at each other or burning a bunch of wood, hay and cow dung? I am not being offensive. I do respect the festival. But we are way ahead of our ancestors to think about it logically and think about what sense does all of that make in the name of celebrations?

Festivals can be much more. Holi can even more colourful if we all individually come up with different ways of celebrating it.

This isn’t about using ‘eco friendly’ colours, it is about saving a big amount of water that would be going to the drains. Even if you restrict the amount of colours you use, you would still be using extra liters of water to wash yourself up than the usual. So Instead, spend time by doing something that will not cost the environment, cause indirectly you will be affected by the trouble it will go through on this one day.

Happiness comes with the feeling of doing something for others.

Remember the line and find your ways to go crazy this Holi and spread smiles by executing small acts of goodwill across the country and universe as a whole.

A very happy Holi to all my readers!

P.S. I’m celebrating by planting two saplings in my tiny garden. Best way to welcome spring I guess.

Do spread the message and act wisely.

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