Stay Cool this Summer!

Summer has almost began. The temperature reaches over 40 degree Celsius on few days and this is just the beginning.  This is exactly when we start getting frustrated, curse the heat and forget that this is just for few months. I do the same too. We are well aware of how the sun soaks up all our energy, water through our bodies (and also patience) Summer=Perspiration therefore, we should learn how to keep ourselves sufficiently hydrated.

I have Listed down few drinks and foods you can consume while the sun shines above.

  1. H2O

The most important component ever! Most of the people who know me well enough are probably gonna have a good laugh that I am advising readers to drink water, no, PLENTY of water cause I consume less myself. But hey! I learned my lessons and pledged to drink up lots and lots of water. According to medical research, It is necessary to intake 3 liters of water – Men and 2.2 liters – woman.

2. Lemon water/Coconut water

Either or both, as per your liking. One of my professor suggested this – A glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it along with a spoon of honey, consumed every morning does wonders. This will help in maintaining vitamin C, which is effective for keeping the immunity strong and water levels in place. Coconut water has lots of benefits, it gives energy as there is lots of sugar present and helps regulating body temperature. It will also keep your skin glowing.

3. Cucumber/ Water melon

Regular intakes of cucumber and/or water melon is perfect during summers. They are  made of water and lots of nutrients to keep the body well nourished. Other than these any fruit of choice with high level of water content like apples, sweet limes, oranges, pineapples, etc can be dumped right inside the stomach. If you like, make a nice fruit salad out of these as dessert, YUM.

4. Chocolate shakes

Get rid of that craving and drink on. Chocolates have a number of benefits. Though it does increase calories, a little glass of chocolate shake once a while should do no harm.

5. Smoothie

This isn’t a normal yum sweet smoothie but a vegetable smoothie. For this you need – basil, mint, spinach, curry leaves, Betel leaves. Grind these together and make it thick like we have for shakes or juices by adding. Add black pepper, salt and mix. Refrigerate or add ice and drink a glass alternate days. This is really effective even it doesn’t sound like that.

Other than all of the above we have ice cream! but that does not really help regulating body temperature, it is just a perk of summer.

Go ahead and try these tips and suggest me if you got anything on your side by commenting.

Have a healthy and happy summer. Cheers!

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