And She kept waiting…

The lamp was glowing in the dark room. Her eyes were still open, too happy to fall asleep. She took a millionth look at the beautiful box wrapped in red paper. He was a wrist watch fanatic and she bought him exactly what he had been waiting for. She hadn’t seen him for over 6 months. But before he left, he had left something with her that was even more precious for them both. She laid there, eyes still open with a wide smile on her face as she caressed her bulging stomach.

“Just two more days!”, she thought. She couldn’t wait any longer to see his face. To fall into arms and tell him how much she had missed him all along. She was sure that he missed her even more. Bending over to the side, she picked up her phone. He had sent her a photograph of his tickets earlier, with the caption that said, “See y’all soon, my two angels”. She couldn’t have been happier! She had been making all kinds of preparations the entire week and now the day was just round the corner.

The morning light broke through the window. After waking up feeling as happy as ever, she made herself a sweet cup of tea. Realizing the time, she rushed to her phone and dialed his number. She always knew the hours to when he would be available to answer but to her surprise, this time, he didn’t. This never happened before. All other days, either one of them would give a ring at this exact time and have an hour long conversation. But she didn’t worry. She waited, patiently.

Just when it began to take quite long, her heartbeats began to pick up pace. Never did a single day pass without listening to his voice. She touched her stomach and gently stroked it repeatedly. Walking up and down her front yard, constantly looking into her phone, she waited. It had been more than 8 hours that she didn’t hear from him at all. “Maybe, he wants to surprise me”, she told herself to clam her down. The sun was getting ready to settle down. Just then, she saw a van at a distance. Surprisingly, it drove it’s way towards her house. She knew he was back! She had been a fool to worry, he did really surprise her!

The doors of the vehicle opened, She Waited, anxiously for his muscular body to step out and start running towards her. She walked a little ahead to take a closer look. Four men dressed in the uniform got off the van, carrying something behind them. The world around her stopped as she knew what had happened. Her heart felt heavy and as though it even stopped beating. The men placed the box wrapped in the tricolor in front of her. Immense grief in each one of their eyes.

This was not what she had been waiting for. Even then, she sat down, opened the box to see her childhood love’s face, her man whose eyes were now shut, whose heart had no rhythm.

He was gone. Gone to save her and their child. Gone to save his mother land.

She shed thousands of tears but she did not mourn. Those tears sparkled in her eyes with pride. She knew his life was not lost in vain and she wouldn’t let hers go too. Staying strong and moving on with her life, raising their child by telling stories of her husband’s heroism was something she decided to do immediately.

There were many more like her. Parents, Wives, Siblings, Children who waited eagerly for their hero to return home, with a hope that he would still be breathing. The Heroes who stood by the borders and protected their beloved country, just like him.

For her, he wasn’t just a soldier. He was the man who fought till his last breath, he was the man who made that little difference to his nation. She knew too well that to see his smiling face again, she would have to wait till they met in another world. She knew that in that world they would never separate. And so She kept waiting, And so, She kept living.


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Shinning Sun and Glowing YOU!


My previous blog was all about keeping yourself well hydrated and healthy during summers. A healthy diet always helps in keeping the body healthy and takes care of most of the skin troubles. But, in this totally occupied life we tend to ignore our outer selves. The heat gets intolerable and troubles us inside out causing a lot of problems.

Girl or boy, at a certain age we all suffer from a very common and natural skin trouble – PIMPLES! If you are worried about heat boils and breakouts, don’t worry, you are not alone. Pimples are a cause of bacterial attack on the sebaceous gland, present at the  root of our hair follicles. This gland produces a lubricant called sebum. This excess presence of sebum often leads to infections and ultimately to breakouts. The hyper-activity of sebum have various causes like heredity, puberty, hormonal imbalance, intake of oily food and very often the heat, humidity and changing temperatures. The constant perspiration during summers is majorly a reason for summer acne. They pop out absolutely anywhere on the face, back, shoulders.

Along with the troubling boils a major summer trouble is hair! Managing dry hair is already a great challenge and summer just makes it worse. Moreover, Going to the dermatologists for getting expensive treatments and spending money on buying products on loop is a big headache too. Here are simple tips and home remedies to get the natural looking you, naturally.

Attacking the Pimples.

  1. Exfoliation
    Removal of the outer dry skin is essential to avoid pimples. All you need to do is pick your skin friendly and readily available exfoliator and scrub the pimple prone zones. This will not clog your pores, it will brighten your skin and reduce acne. The best natural exfoliants are sugar, salt, honey, oats, apple, coffee, milk, lemon, baking soda.

Make a face pack – you can use a combination or go solo with any of the exfoliants mentioned above. But  One of my favorite exfoliation pack is ;
A small bowl of crushed oats, a spoon of honey, half a cup of milk mixed together to form a paste. Apply this wherever needed. Leave for about 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

2. Azadirachta indica – Neem
The leaves of Azadirachta indica commonly called as Neem (In India) have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Crush neem leaves, make a paste and apply the pack thrice a week OR apply drops of neem oil on the breakouts and wash after 30 minutes daily.
The use of Basil instead of Neem or a combination of both can be effective as well.

3. Turmeric and Chickpea flour
A personally tried and tested formula – Mix about one spoon chickpea flour (gram flour can also be used) and half a spoon of turmeric powder together. Add milk/curd to make a thick paste. Apply. Leave for 15 minutes and wash it off. You can do this twice a day. As an advice, using this instead of soap or face-wash is even better for faster results.

4.  Ice or Steam
This can be used for those of you who do have mild breakouts. Though the two sound very contradictory, they are effective in reducing acne. Massaging with ice helps kill bacteria, relaxes and reduces inflammation of acne on the skin. Steam on the other hand will provide moisture to the skin, helps opening pores and removing dirt and bacteria. Adding Neem or Basil leaves to the steam water would give quicker results.

5. Dos and Don’ts
-Apart from the above, Remember;
-Drink plenty of water
-Wash face with cold-luke warm water.
-DO NOT touch your pimples or try to break them.
-Go light on your make-up.
-Eat healthy. Avoid oily or fatty food.

Just for a bit of general knowledge, Tears help avoiding Pimples. Learned this during graduation. There now, don’t start crying cause, You MUST avoid stress!

Now for the DRY HAIR
. Want the ‘celebrity look’ in Summer? Try the following!

1. Proper oiling
Oiling the hair and keeping overnight before washing them is an amazing hair therapy. It nourishes the roots and keeps the scalp well nourished, gives strength to the hair. Olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, Lavender oil are few of the most effective ones to treat dry hair.

2. Apple cider vinegar
Dip cotton balls into apple cider vinegar and apply to the scalp 15 to 20 minutes before hair wash. Else, use a diluted solution of the same after hair wash. This helps as a conditioner and makes the hair look smooth and shiny.

3. Fruit packs
Papaya, banana and Pumpkin are great for repairing rough and damaged hair.
Papaya pack – Cut papaya and banana into small pieces, 1 cup each and mix with 1 cup curd and a spoon of honey or oil. Blend together and apply from the scalp. Try to cover all the strands by applying from top to bottom direction. Wash after 20 minutes.
Pumpkin Pack –  Boil pieces of pumpkin in water. Mash them to form a paste. Add curd. Apply and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it away with subtle shampoo.

4. Butter beer? Ah Ha!
These are two separate remedies but together sounds better *Only for the sub title*.
Butter is a readily available conditioner and helps in reducing the dryness of hair.
Take 2-3 spoons of butter. Add 4-5 drops of Almond oil, Olive oil and coconut oil. Mix well and wait till the mixture becomes thick. Rinse your hair and apply this mixture. Wash thoroughly after 15 minutes.

Beer conditions the hair, helps in their growth and adds volume also giving them a nice shine.
Take a few spoons of beer in a bowl. Add any kind of oil you like with egg (Optional) . Leave for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

5. Dos and Don’ts
-Avoid using Harsh Shampoos.
-Always condition well.
-Wash your hair 3 times a week.
-Let your hair loose. (at least after the sun goes down)
-DO NOT use blow dryers/irons/curlers too often.

The Commoners

These are the things which commonly help as preventive measures for pimples and dry hair.

1. Aloe vera – It is moisturizer for skin and conditioner for the hair. Use the aloe vera juice or gel on face and hair to feel the difference.

2. Eggs – Eggs are rich in protein and protect hair and skin from damage. They helps keep them nourished and glowing. Both egg white and egg yolk can be used directly for hair. Egg white with a few drops of almond oil applied to the pimples.

3. Lemon – Use lemon juice on the scalp for healthier hair. For the pimples, squeeze a lemon and apply to the pimples with the help of cotton.

Try these out to look your fabulous on the harsh sunny days and tell me if you noticed a good change. Also, if you have any remedies on your side put them in the comments.

Thank you for reading. Stay beautiful always.

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Stay Cool this Summer!

Summer has almost began. The temperature reaches over 40 degree Celsius on few days and this is just the beginning.  This is exactly when we start getting frustrated, curse the heat and forget that this is just for few months. I do the same too. We are well aware of how the sun soaks up all our energy, water through our bodies (and also patience) Summer=Perspiration therefore, we should learn how to keep ourselves sufficiently hydrated.

I have Listed down few drinks and foods you can consume while the sun shines above.

  1. H2O

The most important component ever! Most of the people who know me well enough are probably gonna have a good laugh that I am advising readers to drink water, no, PLENTY of water cause I consume less myself. But hey! I learned my lessons and pledged to drink up lots and lots of water. According to medical research, It is necessary to intake 3 liters of water – Men and 2.2 liters – woman.

2. Lemon water/Coconut water

Either or both, as per your liking. One of my professor suggested this – A glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it along with a spoon of honey, consumed every morning does wonders. This will help in maintaining vitamin C, which is effective for keeping the immunity strong and water levels in place. Coconut water has lots of benefits, it gives energy as there is lots of sugar present and helps regulating body temperature. It will also keep your skin glowing.

3. Cucumber/ Water melon

Regular intakes of cucumber and/or water melon is perfect during summers. They are  made of water and lots of nutrients to keep the body well nourished. Other than these any fruit of choice with high level of water content like apples, sweet limes, oranges, pineapples, etc can be dumped right inside the stomach. If you like, make a nice fruit salad out of these as dessert, YUM.

4. Chocolate shakes

Get rid of that craving and drink on. Chocolates have a number of benefits. Though it does increase calories, a little glass of chocolate shake once a while should do no harm.

5. Smoothie

This isn’t a normal yum sweet smoothie but a vegetable smoothie. For this you need – basil, mint, spinach, curry leaves, Betel leaves. Grind these together and make it thick like we have for shakes or juices by adding. Add black pepper, salt and mix. Refrigerate or add ice and drink a glass alternate days. This is really effective even it doesn’t sound like that.

Other than all of the above we have ice cream! but that does not really help regulating body temperature, it is just a perk of summer.

Go ahead and try these tips and suggest me if you got anything on your side by commenting.

Have a healthy and happy summer. Cheers!

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Why so Glum, sugar plum?

The title is, in reality the question I’m asking myself these days.


I feel like I’ve lost interest in almost everything.
There’s lack of motivation too. Moreover to add to these two, there is immense loss of emotions.

I remember being in this phase quite a few times now. I’m not very sure if you’ve been through the same. But if you have, you know that you would not jump as reflex to somebody even pinching you right now. I know I won’t. All I wanna do is sit and stare. Stare at trees, stare at the television ( advertisements includes, I don’t even change the channel during commercials ) stare at the phone, stare at the watch and my most favorite, staring at the sky or ceiling and do absolutely nothing! Ugh.
Then I think, maybe it’s just boredom. Maybe not.

I’ve always loved being by my own. Sometimes I wish there weren’t too many to care for. But again, Having a human heart is tough.

I don’t know when I’ll get outta this whatever-you-wanna-call-it disease and feel like jumping around with enthusiasm. It could be tomorrow, could be next month. I’m just going to try and figure it out till then.

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Run away mode

Question: How often do you take a vacation?

I’m in a phase where everything right now is extremely monotonous. I do the same things, exactly the same things every single day. And it’s exhausting. No, I’m not working. I’m on a vacation, an absolute fancy one at home *sarcasm*. You read it right. The one big (probably my last)  holiday turned out to be such a flop. Yet, doing nothing has become so exhausting.

Time flies, it really does. I feel like it was yesterday when I was appearing for my last test in semester 3 of Masters in Business Administration, And yayy I’m gonna freak out, have fun for the next few weeks. But those weeks past by like turning pages of a tiny book.
God knows, I’m still here craving for a little break from monotony. 

All I need is a beach, a good book and a beer and I’m good to go. Few peaceful hours to myself.


We all deal with loneliness at some point in life. But this isn’t that kinda feeling. My need for solitude simply means cutting off from the world on temporary basis. Getting away from the traffic and pollution. Staying away from the human touch and just breathing an air of complete silence and bliss and returning back to reality after my mind and heart think they are ready.

Well, I have no idea when this day might rise, but when it does, I know I’ll be carrying back a little different me. I would have learnt something I couldn’t have living in this crowd and chaos. Maybe someday.

Hope and faith. The two things that will keep me going till I’m lying beneath the sun, with feet touching the water.

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Symphony and moods

Just a day or two before I was born, my father had a dream in which he heard the sweet sound of the ‘Tanpura’ and a woman singing along with it. He knew it was a sign. So, when I was born he knew, just knew that I would be a good singer. ( not boasting ) I am a good singer. I remember performing on stage when I was 7 and since then I do perform even today, as and when opportunities arise.

Music always has played a very important role in my life. As important as Oxygen. I’m sure it is to most of us. For me, music is omnipresent. Our own heart has a beat. The swaying of trees, the birds singing, the rain, the wall clock. It’s all music.


I just need one note and there I go, singing away to glory.
As for women, the biggest problem we often face is,  ‘mood swings’. Men? I guess they struggle with mood swings too.

Let’s just start with the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Those of you who know the song will instantly smile after reading the name. Most of you might even start humming it in your heads.

What is it that you were thinking about before you clicked on this blog?
Too much work that is pending?
A recent Heartbreak?
Missing your loved one?
So jobless that you literally have no idea what to do with life?
Or A”I feel awesome today” ?
Whatever it may be, the song I mentioned above, might have done its bit to change that mood for a while. And trust me, music definitely helps lighten up our mood.

It’s like therapy. It’s said that, even when you sing while watering the plants in your backyard, the plants grow faster and healthier. So you see? Music helps ecology too.

Most of us have a busy schedule.
We fail to pursue our hobbies. We fail to follow our hearts and do what we always wanted to do. And then life becomes stressful.
Sometimes we don’t realise how stressed out we are.

Not like my life is great and stress free, but when I sing or listen to my favorite tunes, I’m rejuvenated. Ready to face the next stressful hour.
My whole point being, take time out. Atleast an hour to sing out loud or listen to good music. If you already do that, awesome! If you don’t, your mind needs these symphonies to keep you calm and happy. Your mind needs the seven notes to sooth your nerves. Let your favorite genres flow through your blood.
Because, “Music is a better medicine than any other drug.”